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Belsejét Óriás, Arand, Lehetetlenül Hatalmas

Before you are rolling hills of lush country side and farmland a smell of a simpler time and a older time still lingers in this land that has changed so much and in such little time. One would not know it but a long time ago a war of all wars drove this same country side into a burning sparking wasteland. the only thing that was constant here at the time was the almost certain chance that you would die had you stayed for longer the a moment in this place. Today though had been a beautiful day of festivities and laughter and fun for today marked the five hundredth cycle of setting suns since that day long ago that the war against dragon kind had finally ended. It was this day today that the dragon-lords had finally been vanquished.

However, as you follow its endless horizon a break is seen on either side. Upon her east a wall of rock stands reaching above the clouds and into the stars. These are her Dicsős Mountains. No other point higher in all the world and a place so untouched after all this time some say it was here before Arand herself was even created.

The breaking of her horizon is only more foreboding as you look to her west into the forest of Sötétség. Not much is known about Sötétség other then the fact that it takes all who enter and though it does give them back in time. nothing is ever quite the same with the one who enters.

You however, are behind all of this, you are in the southern part of Arand, Belsejét Óriás her capital. A very large port city full of not only starry eyed young ones and peaceful old souls, but also a fervent underground and smuggling operation. though it is common knowledge of the illegal actions of that take place in her port-city it is also its main source of income.

Welcome to Belsejét Óriás, welcome to Aran. Welcome to the capital.

Home Page

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